Welcome to the United Virtual Airlines Wiki

United Virtual Airlines has been in constant operation now for twelve years, closely simulating the operations of the real United Airlines. UVA enjoys VATSIM "Heritage" virtual airline status, recognizing its long term presence.

Through more than 160,000 flights, the pilots at UVA have now logged more than 450,000 flight hours.

Just visiting?

Some of these pages are visible to visitors, and will provide an introduction to UVA facilities and philosophy, what you might expect if you wisely decide to join! Links will be added below for additional pages, or you can use the search facility.

Registered members

If you are already a member pilot at UVA, then you can log-in to the wiki. The credentials to use are the same as for logging into the UVA Forums. Once logged in, you will have access to the entire wiki. We will be consolidating our in-depth flight techniques, tutorials, as well as reference materials here.

New Infrastructure

This is our third website in our long history. With it comes a fresh updated look with upgraded features "under the hood", but with the same familiar values and quality experience. It is just a new window into a solid, mature virtual airline, Development will continue, in order to bring you the best in web presence.

UVA is all about Choices

Dual Stream

UVA has adopted a Dual Stream construct, two complementary ways that you can advance in your career. It is your choice, you can participate in just one, or both.

Seniority by flight hours

As in most virtual airlines, you can advance through the ranks by building seniority by simply acruing flight hours. The more hours you fly, the larger and heavier aircraft you can fly, and the more destinations you can access.

Rating Checkrides

The optional Rating stream, makes UVA unique. It provides high-end rating checkrides, that will tutor and test your mettle to real world standards. You have entire control over when, or if, you decide to participate in rating checkrides. Besides the challenge and educational value, obtaining ratings also allows you to rapidly advance into heavy aircraft, as there is no flight hour prerequisite for submitting these.

Flight Reviews

All pilots also have access to a special Flight Review (FR-B). This is not a checkride that requires a passing grade to move forward, but is a detailed assessment of your flying, as measured against a real-world standard. What you do with the results, is up to you, but we hope you will take it into your flying. A truly unique and valuable benefit of UVA.

Real World UA Schedule

Our flight database is updated with the full real world UA schedule on a regular basis, together with those of its many code-share partners. Interesting aircraft, interesting airports, near endless variety.

Aircraft Platform Flexibility

United and its Code-share partners fly a bewildering number of different aircraft types. But perhaps you may have a favorite high-end simulated aircraft platform that might not be well represented in the UA schedule, or may not be served between a particular airport pair? Well, as long as there is a similar aircraft type with a similar mission profile (eg. narrow-body jet, or turboprop) on that route, we have provisions for substitution by the aircraft platform of your choice.

Classic Fleet Available

If that is your interest, we also allow flying Historical "Classic" aircraft for flight hour credit. From the 747-200, to the DC-10, and the DC-8, to the 727, and even to a DC-3, and more. These all are assigned to fit into the aircraft rating system, and available to qualified crews to fly.

Powerful Flight Planning

UVA provides a heavy duty flight planner that will take your flight routing and provide a dispatch report containing expected fuel burnout, the required VSpeeds for takeoff and landing, and more.

But, if you prefer, you also have direct access to simBrief. A click of a button will populate all the fields in a simBrief dialog, right from your current reservation.

Extensive Forums

For general chit-chat, or searching for a tip on flying, posting a question to your manager or the training department, organizing a group flight, or maybe a suggestion for a new feature to the Board! Just join in on the banter. Some of the sections of the forum are public, but most of the action is for registered pilots only.


A full featured ACARS software facility is provided to record your flights and submit automatic pireps. Also provides for text comm between logged in pilots.

Team Speak

UVA provides a Team Speak 3 server. Useful for conversing with fellow pilots when at cruise, or for co-ordination during group flights, or even just an impromptu online meeting.